Financial Aid Portal

Welcome to the Roseman University Financial Aid Portal. You can:

  • Check the status of your application
  • View a list of documents we've received from you and a list of the documents still outstanding 
  • View your financial aid awards 
  • View your student loan history
  • Check the status of your student loans for the current year.

Log In Instructions

You must have a financial aid record already established at Roseman University in order to use this portal.  If you have not begun the financial aid application process, you can get started by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.  Enter our school code, 040653, on your application and we will automatically receive a copy of your results.  Once we receive your information, you can then start using this system. 

To access the online portal, enter your Social Security Number and your Password and click Submit.

Are you a FIRST TIME USER of the Financial Aid Portal? You will have to activate your account before you can access your information. 

  1. Click the "FIRST TIME USER" link (below the SUBMIT button)
  2. Enter your Social Security Number
  3. Answer the two activation questions to authenticate your identity
  4. Select and provide the answer to two security questions
  5. Create your Password

Minimum password requirements:

  • At least 9 characters
  • Must include at least one number and letter;
  • Must include at least one lower and uppercase letter;
  • Must include at least one special character: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ()
  • Do NOT include spaces

Problems logging in?
If you are trying to activate your account and receive an error message code IA, you may have already activated your account. Try logging in with your Social Security Number and Password, or if you do not remember your Password, click the "Forgot your Password?" link to reset your Password. You will be prompted to answer your security questions to verify your identity. You will then be asked to change your Password.

If you receive an error that the portal is unavailable at this time, your account has been locked and you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office to have your account unlocked.